Automatic machines

Autofeed hand screwdrivers and fixed screwing units represent the first step of assembly automation. They are simple and reliable systems where the screw or the nut is automatically fed into the driver collet head. The automatic down stroke, featured also by the manual system, reduces operator's fatigue increasing dramatically assembly rate and productivity. You can feed and tighten machine and self tapping screws, nuts, studs and any other threaded fasteners with or without washers. Multi-spindle tightening applications improve assembly results and increase productivity. Kolver creates custom designed multi-spindle equipment that can be configured in either vertical or horizontal orientations depending on the application and customer requirements. Designs may incorporate operator input or be fully automated. Spindles can be mounted and arranged to accommodate and match any bolt pattern using in-line, 90° angle or special offset drives. Kolver multi-spindle tightening systems allow for spindle synchronization, operator feedback and error proofing solutions. For further information and for a free quotation please contact KOLVER technical department.
AUTB100 Hand screwdriver200-1000 RPM0.055-0.24 in0.44-88.0 in/lbsMax 3.15 in
AUTF10X Fixed screwing nut200-1500 RPM0.055-0.24 in0.44-221.0 in/lbsMax 3.15 in1-10
Model: AUTB100
Type: Hand screwdriver
Speed RPM: 200-1000 RPM
Screw Size: 0.055-0.24 in
Torque: 0.44-88.0 in/lbs
Screw length: Max 3.15 in
Number of spindles:
Model: AUTF10X
Type: Fixed screwing nut
Speed RPM: 200-1500 RPM
Screw Size: 0.055-0.24 in
Torque: 0.44-221.0 in/lbs
Screw length: Max 3.15 in
Number of spindles: 1-10